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Muppets Pencil Toppers from My Sister's Suitcase

Muppets Pencil Toppers from My Sister’s Suitcase

Are you interested in becoming one of our approved bloggers? We’d love to have you! We are seeking blogs of all shapes and sizes, bloggers who:

  • Are passionate about creating, whether in the niche of home decor, crafts, design or recipes
  • Love connecting with companies and trying their products
  • Enjoy sharing their experiences with their audiences

We do require a few things up front. We feel that this list is easily attainable if you are truly serious about blogging:

  • Creative Niche: Your blog should be in the creative niche; this means you should have a section devoted to DIY, crafts, recipes, or similar
  • Longevity: You must have been blogging for at least six months
  • Frequency: You must post at least two times a week on your primary blog
  • Originality: You must have original content (this just means your posts should be written by you, even if you link to other people)
  • Content: Your blog should not have a high ratio of giveaways and sponsored posts to original content (this is not a good fit for our particular sponsors)
  • Social Media: You must engage with your readers via your blog and social media – this could include comments, Facebook posts, Tweets or other means of online communication
  • Readability: Your blog should be easy to read. Don’t forget to check for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Visual Look: Your design should be clean, attractive and easy-to-read – our posts are creative, and this is important in our category
  • Location: Right now we are only able to accept applicants in North America (US or Canada). We hope to expand our network at a later date.


NOTE: We do not currently accept review or deal blogs.

If you are already a blogger with us and have a question, please visit our Blogger FAQs.