A Blogger’s Perspective: “It’s actually good content”

One of our Blueprint Social bloggers, Natasha from Little Pink Monster wrote on her blog:

blogger quoteJust like any blogger who’s honest with herself, I’ve always thought it’d be great to actually make some money blogging but until now I hadn’t found a way that didn’t feel like selling out. At least not for me. Until about a month ago when I was approached by a fantastic publishing group that focuses on crafters…


I can see you rolling your eyes now, “Oh no, another good blog bites the dust” but I promise you my friend, it won’t be like that. I’ll be different, I swear! I’m not like those other guys!


Seriously though, I’ve turned down many previous sponsorship offers because they just didn’t fit. I’m quite certain you have no interest in an entire post on the hot new sink faucet of 2012. To make $75 off of it but lose you as a reader isn’t worth it. They would be worthless commercials that just water down the good stuff. That’s however exactly what I think is so fantastic about this new publishing network…it’s all crafting companies! For example, in the next month you’re going to see a post about a tie-dye project I’m working on. That company is going to pay me a fee to review their product & come up with a project for them. It’s a sponsor that makes sense for LPM & the post I write for them isn’t just for the sake of making a buck, it’s actually good content. Something I would’ve written about anyway.


Makes a dent in my blogging costs while still being an entertaining post for you. Win, win.

We love this blog post because it encapsulates our mission at Blueprint Social and why we founded the company in the first place: to help bloggers use their excellent platforms to start making an income, while promoting products they would already be using and writing about anyway.

We call it a win-win-win situation.

featured photo: Ei! Kumpel